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The need for high-tech teaching has produced unique and demanding communication and multi-media challenges for the education community. We realize that each facility has its own set of distinct communication needs directly related to factors such as facility/floor layout, centralize or decentralized administration, and various teaching styles.

All Systems Communications Contracting Inc. provides a wide range of innovative communication and technology viable solutions to help the customer select and implement the most practical options. Each system is custom designed with the facility’s specific needs in mind. Our solutions are designed and integrated to provide you the optimum size of systems and functionalities to address your current and growing future needs. This process prevents clients from having to pay for unnecessary and unused functions or conversely suffer insufficient performance capability.

All Systems Communications Contracting Inc.’s partner Rauland-Borg’s, industry-leading Telecenter line, meets these needs for both single schools, and entire districts. The high-quality products have a completely user-focused interface and provide schools with secure, reliable internal integrated communications.

For classroom telephone access, security and two-way hands-free-voice communication:
Telecenter U | Telecenter 21 | Telecenter VI

For safety, security, paging and intercom: Telecenter ICS

For centralized, Internet-browser based control, distribution and scheduling of all video and multimedia equipment and titles: Telecenter IP

All Systems Communications Contracting Inc. education communication solutions include:

  • Classroom Audiovisual Systems
  • Networked Paging & Intercom Systems
  • Stadium Sound and Video Systems
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Independent Professional Sound Systems
  • Gym, Stadium, Auditorium
  • Music Rooms
  • Security Systems (Card Access, Surveillance, Emergency Paging)
  • Media Retrieval Systems
  • Performance Arts Sound and Video Systems
  • RF Distribution Systems (Cable TV
  • Interactive Whiteboard Systems
  • Display Systems (Projection, Plasma, LCD)
  • Classroom Control Systems
  • Digital Signage

All Systems Communications Contracting Inc. designs, installs, and supports integrated communications systems using premium, industry standard products.

Rauland, Panasonic.